When I joined Kinsale Golf & Fitness 10 years ago, my goal was just to keep a normal exercise schedule and have a nice place to relax. But my membership has become much more than I expected. The fitness offerings are extensive, the Spa relaxing and the staff is friendly and helpful, which adds enjoyment to my daily workout.
Over the years, because of the variety of programs, trainers and equipment that the Club offers, I have gradually expanded my horizons from working out a little bit every day to running marathons. All that the Club has to offer has allowed me to vary my workouts when I choose to or when it is necessary. The spa facility, is a big plus, it is great for relaxation, to relieve daily stress and is also helpful for recovery when I over-do my running. Last but not least, the staff is great, very efficient and constantly encouraging my fitness success. Kinsale has become an important part of my daily schedule and health regime.


Kinsale Golf and Country Club has become our second home. The kids love the Club especially in the summertime because of the Pool and Grille. We usually come late in the afternoon as a family and stay to have dinner outside on the Grille's Patio. We love Kinsale during the fall and winter because the kids join all the different classes they offer like the Halloween and Christmas Craft Night and Building Lego Zoo Animals.

My family and I use the Fitness Center on a daily basis. Kinsale has trainers that are all well experienced and licensed in their fields and a variety of Fitness Classes that are offered daily. My children use the Fitness Center to continue to train during the off-season in their sports. My husband and I use it during the week for our own fitness goals. But even more that, my family loves Kinsale because the staff and the members are more like family, it's a very special Club.


The golf staff is the best in the business! From the moment you walk up to the bag drop and are greeted by name by the cart staff to when you are done and the pros ask you about your round. Everyone makes you feel like family and they know you as a person. The golf staff also has been instrumental in helping my daughter love the game more each time she plays by asking about her golf and her golf team. They promote high school and middle school golf and are making the sport I love healthier in this community.


The golf course is always in top condition, pace of play is good and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Kinsale offers a top tier golf course that is challenging but still playable for a wide range of golfers.


Kinsale is a wonderful place my family enjoys seven days a week. Being a stay at home mother of four, kinsale is the only break I get throughout my day! Whether I spend my two hours in a fitness class, jogging outside or just relaxing in the spa, it gives me a little time to center my thoughts and get a few things done! It feels good to leave my kids in the kids club because I know they are having tons of fun and are so well looked after!


Beginning with my initial membership inquiry, to my first round of golf, and throughout every visit to the fitness club and restaurants, I continue to be impressed. A top-notch, exclusive impression in all facets with a staff that delivers a family feel. Hands down the strongest Central Ohio value in regards to golf, athletics, social, and family wellness.